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P/N Conversions to United P/Ns
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United offers these INDUSTRY CONVERSION NUMBERS for other company's parts THAT MATCH OUR PART NUMBERS.   

If you know another company's P/N, you can find our UNITED PART NUMBER that corresponds when we offer that item.

 A few items may not be necessarily exact dimensionally, but are equal or superior in design and application. Refer to the appropriate United Catalog Page for product details.  

To find the United Catalog page a part number is on, use the Part Number Index.

This list will be updated, so return here in the future to check the Part Number Conversions you require.

To Download a list of Conversions in Acrobat .pdf format, click on the underlined item below.

Part 1 Conversions (Pages 1 thru 12) has all the Bushings, and Part 2 Conversions (Pages 13 thru 59) has the remainder of products.  These two files make a complete set in .PDF format of all the separated files listed by company below.



PART 1 UDB Bushings Only Conversions (pgs. 1-12)

PART 2 UDB General Products Conversions (pgs. 13-59)


ALL United Drill Bushing Conversions (59 total pages for a complete set)


By Individual Companies--for smaller .pdf files

(same details as in Part 2 for each company below)

All American  

American Drill Bushings


C. Lane


General Dynamics Lockheed


Monroe, Morton, Reid & Siewek





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