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Saving American Manufacturing
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Saving American Manufacturing (SAM)

United, along with other American manufacturers, aims to


Foster closer relationships with OEM's and their Suppliers


Team up with and work together with our supply chain


Shift to a more collaborative mindset


Drive out waste


Add value to our products


Redesign for efficiency and lower cost


Share data for better decision-making


Improve our processes to increase cost-effectiveness


Work through the issues within our company


Initiate supplier partnerships by closer integration


Recognize effective relationships with appropriate awards


Create the best value chain


Become more proactive with Customers


Become heard in Legislative branches


Send our message to every Congressman


Increase our ability to compete with overseas firms


and to Support Fair Trade laws.


United had rather sell at our cost than have you buy non-American products that we offer.

As new products become available, we will add them.  Let us know your requirements.

Support and Encourage USA Fair Trade Laws.

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