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562-803-1521(local)  /  800-421-3466 (inside California)  /  800-486-3466 (from any state)

562-803-6898 / 800-486-3465

Postal address
P.O. Box 4250, Downey, CA 90241-1250

Corporate Headquarters
12200 Woodruff Avenue. Downey, CA 90241-5608
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President - CEO - CFO: Dale Bethke dale@udbcorp.com
General Manager Fred Clauson fred@udbcorp.com
Director, Human Resources: Olivia Clauson olivia@udbcorp.com
Sales Manager: Teresa Walsh teresa@udbcorp.com                
Sales Associate: Christy Defries christy@udbcorp.com
Sales Associate:                    Gerardo Zamudio jerry@udbcorp.com
Sales Associate:  Carole Davis carole@udbcorp.com
Controller: Erma Parrish erma@udbcorp.com
Director, Engineering: Mike Sohn mike@udbcorp.com
Director, Material & Logistics - Sales/Marketing:           Donald R. Bedell don.bedell@udbcorp.com
Purchasing: Eric Cortez eric@udbcorp.com
Requests for Quotes & Purchase Orders Sales Department sales@udbcorp.com
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